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Andrew Curtis


Much of my work is inspired by my travels and the places I have seen and is rooted in observation and attempting to capture what Alexander Pope called the "genius of the place". Abstraction is one means by which one can produce work that gets underneath the surface of a subject.
If I have time I will sit down with an easel and paint a conventional oil study. I also always travel with a sketchbook in which I record what I see and make notes of my impressions of a place. Back in the studio, work begins in "translating" the gathered impressions.

Extracts from The Artist magazine August 2006

Visitors welcome by appointment

27 Dapdune Road




tel: 01483 535971



  • Andrew Curtis, Zanzibar


Andrew Curtis's work can be seen at:

Introduction and Development of Abstract Painting.

The Art School, Royal Grammar School,

High Street, Guildford. GU13BB

Saturday 17th Jun

10am-4pm (6 hrs incl. 1hr lunch )

A practical workshop providing a starting point to those wishing to push their art beyond realism and advice to those travelling further down the route to a personal style.