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Belinda Kelland BA(Hons)


Every windfallen log has within it a beautiful form waiting to emerge. Using power tools and a lot of patience I find these forms and then leave them to warp and dry for a number of summer months. Once settled, the form is smoothed and polished, and ready for display.
Now in Spring I have found a few venues to display and hopefully sell my work. I currently need more logs before I can make more.

Commissions very welcome

Visitors welcome by appointment

  • Belinda Kelland, One Root
  • Belinda Kelland, Partners  (side view)
  • Belinda Kelland, Partners
  • Belinda Kelland, Oak Swirl
  • Belinda Kelland, Anti bowl
  • Belinda Kelland, Coast Bowl
  • Belinda Kelland, Coast Bowl   (side view)
  • Belinda Kelland, Hepworth Bowl