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Caroline Lingwood

Mixed media artist

Caroline Lingwoods mixed media work reflects her interest in the curious and whimsical, taking the lost and discarded , giving it new life. Caroline is a hoarder and collector finding beauty and humour in the unwanted.Paper and fabric cut ,torn, stitched, reworked, interwoven with wire, silver and found objects. Their is often a narrative element, more a suggestion, words seen as much for their visual beauty as their meaning.
Caroline uses Papier-mache, Stitch, Assemblage and silver to create whimsical and curious objects and jewellery.

Artwork for sale and commissions welcome

parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

The dower house

Amlets lane




tel: 01483 548559

mobile: 07852805522

email: booandtheangel@gmail


  • Caroline Lingwood, Of earthly delights
  • Caroline Lingwood, Script stag
  • Caroline Lingwood, Memory flower series
  • Caroline Lingwood, Memory flower series
  • Caroline Lingwood, Mothman
  • Caroline Lingwood, Garden of Earthly delights
  • Caroline Lingwood, Hop,hop,hop and China bird from the Little bird series
  • Caroline Lingwood, China chicks on wheels !
  • Caroline Lingwood, Paper flower
  • Caroline Lingwood, Motheaten
  • Caroline Lingwood, Bird foot cage
  • Caroline Lingwood, Baby dog