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Gill Denyer

Textile art and mixed media

I work mainly with textiles, although recently I have been dabbling in print techniques.
I don't have any particular product that I always make, but I continually change both the techniques that I use and the finished articles. This means that the majority of my work is one-of-a-kind.
I try and use recycled materials wherever possible as I hate throwing anything away.
This year I have been creating stained glass window effect pictures using velvet, felt and foil.

17 Knox Road

Queen Elizabeth Park




tel: 01483 826459


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Gill Denyer's work can be seen at:

Ramster Embroidery and Textile Art Exhibition

Ramster Gardens

Petworth Road, Surrey

Friday 10th Mar - Sunday 26th Mar

10am - 5pm

Held in the beautiful setting of Ramster Hall, this delightful exhibition displays over 200 pieces of embroidery and textile art by leading artists from around the country.
Ramster Gardens and teahouse are also open every day.