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Hugh Walker


My watercolours are mainly inspired from painting holidays to Greece, Italy, Morocco and Portugal over the last 5 years.
I have recently put together a range of work from a holiday to Morocco. The port and resort of Essaouria was a rich source of inspiration and the paintings shown on this page are mainly from this fascinating city.

  • Hugh Walker, Stepping stones across the Mole
  • Hugh Walker, Florence sunset
  • Hugh Walker, Seagulls of Essaouria
  • Hugh Walker, Lantern shop, Essaouria
  • Hugh Walker, Fish tonight, Morocco
  • Hugh Walker, Fabric Seller, Morocco
  • Hugh Walker
  • Hugh Walker, Doorway, Essaouria
  • Hugh Walker, Arch, Essaouria Medina
  • Hugh Walker, Carpet Shop, Morocco
  • Hugh Walker, Limone, Lake Garda
  • Hugh Walker, The Ouse