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Judi LeBlanc


I am passionate about art and love to share what I am doing with everyone - from atmospheric watercolours of Foggy mornings in England to bright colourist impressions of Caribbean Islands, and more in-between - thanks for visiting!

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

33 Hammond End

Farnham Common



  • Judi LeBlanc, The Fens 8 x 10
  • Judi LeBlanc, Apple blossom in Spring (Majorca) 8 x 10
  • Judi LeBlanc, Atmospheric rural view 10X15
  • Judi LeBlanc, Calm sea today 8 x 10
  • Judi LeBlanc, A Norwegian Moment 8 x 10
  • Judi LeBlanc, Hedgerly Cottage 10x14 watercolour