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Julia Jacs

Drawing, Painting, Painted Furniture

I have always found my environment full of interest, colour and things that need to be investigated, and cannot confine my work to any one subject.
In recent years, many of my drawings and paintings have been inspired by my canal-bank garden, my love of historic working narrowboats, and my walks exploring the Surrey countryside, woodlands and downs, rivers and canals.
I'm especially attracted to ornamentation and repeating patterns wherever I find them, and also to the discipline of drawing.

  • Julia Jacs, brookwood
  • Julia Jacs, swan
  • Julia Jacs, baron
  • Julia Jacs, fence
  • Julia Jacs, little venice 2016
  • Julia Jacs, bargewoman
  • Julia Jacs, roman snail
  • Julia Jacs, chequered fly
  • Julia Jacs, bee
  • Julia Jacs, lobster pots
  • Julia Jacs, bergenias in spring
  • Julia Jacs, blue anemones