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Karina Siba

Painter & Photographer

Karina's work is inspired by the synchronising tapestry of patterns and shapes she observes in life, often comparing forms in nature to the human body and observing how light interacts with people and structures. Informed by where she lives and from her travels, Karina likes to capture whole worlds of perspective within an image.

Karina studied at Chelsea Art College and chose to spread her passion for creativity further by setting up an Art school in Banstead through which she inspires others to discover their hidden talents and potentials.

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mobile: 07900033236



  • Karina Siba, Greenland
  • Karina Siba, Live Jack Under Light
  • Karina Siba, LivePaintJam
  • Karina Siba, The Cycle
  • Karina Siba, Head in the clouds
  • Karina Siba, Human and natural form
  • Karina Siba, Human and natural form