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Kathy Miller BSc, PhD


I use acrylics to produce two distinct styles of work. Firstly vibrant landscape, surrealistic or animal subjects using a combintion of dots and brushstrokes, and secondly, highly detailed wildlife portraits. Both techniques are very painstaking and take many many hours to produce.

commissions welcome and original art, prints and cards for sale

Visitors welcome by appointment

80 Howards Lane




KT15 1ES

tel: 01932 849425



See also Benedict Miller.

  • Kathy Miller, English Oak
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  • Kathy Miller, Watching
  • Kathy Miller, Asian Short Clawed Otters
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  • Kathy Miller, Lavender Dawn
  • Kathy Miller, Rainforest Jewels
  • Kathy Miller, Diaspora
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  • Kathy Miller, Baobab Dawn
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