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Liz Harrington


Liz creates art from her new garden studio. She studied art for 5 years and graduated in 2004. Having travelled extensively in recent years, she has found renewed inspiration and is experimenting with new styles.

She loves painting people and places and has a passion for bold colours and capturing the essence of cultures through her unique style. Recent works are acrylic and mixed media creations of London scenes and far eastern inspired cultural portraits.

Work availble for sale & commissions are welcome.

Ample parking is available.

Visitors welcome by appointment

mobile: 07743 442634



  • Liz Harrington, SOLD Richmond
  • Liz Harrington, SOLD Refection
  • Liz Harrington, Great Britian Taxi rank
  • Liz Harrington, SOLD Taxi Rank reprints available
  • Liz Harrington, SOLD Reprint Great George Street
  • Liz Harrington, Underground
  • Liz Harrington, Tube Station
  • Liz Harrington, Vietnam: traders
  • Liz Harrington, SOLD Kingston Bridge
  • Liz Harrington, Laos: from market
  • Liz Harrington, Cambodian Munk
  • Liz Harrington, Cambodia street sellers