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Louise Grundy BA(Hons)

Textiles, Paper Mache,

Recently my work has been changing from 2D textiles to 3D paper mache which I have combined with my other passion, family history. I have stated a series of heads which are based on family members to illustrate their stories.
I am also challenging myself by doing sculptures of famous people the Queen and Margret Thatcher is being created. Look out for my work at AppArt Exhibition, and Cranleigh Arts Centre in June.
I do comissions and my own work.

art work for sale, Commissions

Visitors welcome by appointment

mobile: 07941640143


social media:

See also Fee Fraser BEd (Hons) MAR.

  • Louise Grundy, Little Grandpa
  • Louise Grundy, Elizabeth
  • Louise Grundy, Hurbert
  • Louise Grundy, Great Great Grandma Martha
  • Louise Grundy, Cousin Fred


Louise Grundy's work can be seen at:

AppArt Exhibition Exhibition & Sculpture Trail

Prior's Field School

Priors field Road, Godalming GU7 2RH

Saturday 1st Apr - Sunday 16th Apr

10.00 -17.00

Annual Exhibition founded in 2012 by Evelyn and Gwyn Philips, includes ceramics, glass art, painting, photography and sculpture.