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Melanie Cambridge


Melanie's work is based on light and colour. She loves to capture the fleeting effect of light, especially where it sparkles on water. In order to achieve this, she paints on location all year round, visiting the coastline during the winter months and using her boat on the River Wey as a second studio during the summer. As a tutor, Melanie offers demonstrations and workshops to art groups alongside structured courses for individuals.

Commissions welcome; artwork for sale

parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment

17 Derwent Drive




tel: 0208 660 4982

mobile: 07970 432348



  • Melanie Cambridge, Sunset, Arlesford Creek
  • Melanie Cambridge, Sunlight & Shadows, River Wey
  • Melanie Cambridge, Day's End, West Wittering
  • Melanie Cambridge, Guildford Boat Festival
  • Melanie Cambridge, Carne Beach, Cornwall
  • Melanie Cambridge, Bowers Lock, River Wey
  • Melanie Cambridge, Kingswood Bluebells
  • Melanie Cambridge, Sunset, Bisham Reach
  • Melanie Cambridge, Bonfire Night
  • Melanie Cambridge, Sunset, Maldon
  • Melanie Cambridge, Ice Cream Seller, Guildford