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Samantha Robertson


Based in Rowledge, local maker and teacher Samantha Robertson produces a range of press moulded and hand thrown pieces.

Work is decorated when leather hard using a combination of layering hand cut paper stencils with coloured decorating slips, which are applied to the surface with a combination of brushwork and slip trailing. Finally, line details are applied by sgraffito technique to reveal the terracotta clay.

A qualified teacher, Samantha has worked in further and higher education for over 14 years. She currently teaches ceramics classes at Bracknell and Wokingham College.

Ceramics for sale and commissions taken. A range of ceramics classes taught in Surrey.

Parking available.

Visitors welcome by appointment

Clay Cottage

Little Acre

Fullers Road



tel: 07593752577

mobile: 07593752577



  • Samantha Robertson, Cereal Bowls
  • Samantha Robertson, Coffee Mugs
  • Samantha Robertson, Square Platter
  • Samantha Robertson, Salad Bowl
  • Samantha Robertson, Coasters
  • Samantha Robertson, Cake Stands
  • Samantha Robertson, Espresso cups
  • Samantha Robertson, Creamer / Milk Jug
  • Samantha Robertson, Rectangular Platter
  • Samantha Robertson, Tea Cups
  • Samantha Robertson