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Sarah Vaci

Fibre artist

I began felting two years ago after a decade of creating films and stop motion animations. I feel that my background in story telling and image making, as well as my love of nature and colour has informed my work as a fibre artist. I am passionate about needle-felting in particular, which requires stabbing wool with a barbed needle until it matts together. The wool can then be used in a sculptural or painterly way, I find wool painting with it's vivid colours and varied texture is a very exciting and unique method for expressing my creativity and recreating the world.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Visitors welcome by appointment

Reigate Art Studios

42 Castle Walk




tel: 07780542944

mobile: 07780542944



  • Sarah Vaci, Pugs
  • Sarah Vaci, Ginny
  • Sarah Vaci, Seascape
  • Sarah Vaci, Bicycle
  • Sarah Vaci, Coast to Coast walk
  • Sarah Vaci, Lavender field
  • Sarah Vaci, Balaton sunset