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Stacey Allan


I am a freelance artist, based in Godalming. I like to make art that makes people smile, paying tribute to simple things we take for granted such as a hot cup of tea or the company of garden birds.

I am inspired by colour, bold shapes and detailed patterns. I have developed a real passion for paper, and I would never be without a pair of scissors or my craft-knife. My work is comprised of separate elements cut from paper or card. I detail each shape with pen and ink, before composing and gluing all the pieces in place.

mobile: 07725858728



  • Stacey Allan, Featherweights
  • Stacey Allan, Featherweights no. 2
  • Stacey Allan, Featherweights no. 3
  • Stacey Allan, Featherweights no. 4
  • Stacey Allan, Featherweights no. 5
  • Stacey Allan, Early Bird
  • Stacey Allan, Cookery Birds
  • Stacey Allan, Coffeepot Sparrow
  • Stacey Allan, Pin-Pecked
  • Stacey Allan, Whisked Away
  • Stacey Allan, Budgie Fizz
  • Stacey Allan, Red Hot Cardinal