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Adam Aaronson Adam Aaronson Blown Glass
Suzy Abrahams Suzy Abrahams Painter
Julia Adams Julia Adams Painter
Kathy Adams Kathy Adams Painter and printmaker
Sue Adams Sue Adams Watercolour Artist
Pam Adams Pam Adams Water Colour Painter
David Aldersmith David Aldersmith Sculptor
Stacey Allan Stacey Allan Illustrator
Jane Anderson Wood Jane Anderson Wood Watercolour Painter
Fleur Andreas Fleur Andreas Woven Textile Design
Nicola Anstey Nicola Anstey Handwoven furniture/Upholstery
Nola Armstrong Nola Armstrong Painter
Art Matters Art Matters Range of art practice
Karen Ashton Karen Ashton Painter, craft and textiles
Joanne Aylwin Joanne Aylwin Weaver and textile artist
Kim Bagley Kim Bagley Ceramist
Marilyn Bailey Marilyn Bailey Painter
Stephen Baker Stephen Baker Sgraffitist
Maureen Banfield Hamlin Maureen Banfield Hamlin Painter / Printmaker
Linda Banks Linda Banks Glass artist
Maria Barber Maria Barber Stained Glass Artist
Eric Barfield Eric Barfield Portrait Artist. Sculptor. Painter. Art teacher.
Julie Barham Julie Barham ceramicist
Lisa Bartlett Lisa Bartlett Painter
Lara Beardall Lara Beardall Crocheter
Naomi Beevers Naomi Beevers TEXTILE AND MIXED MEDIA
Jill Bellamy Jill Bellamy Painter
Liz Bernard Liz Bernard Painter
Francesca Bex Francesca Bex Painter
Maria Billington Maria Billington Metalsmith
Anne Biss Anne Biss Hand Embroiderer
Denise Blackburn Denise Blackburn Painter / craftsperson
Jane Bohane Jane Bohane Glass and Steel Sculptor
Sheena Bond Sheena Bond Ceramics and Print
Tom Boulton Tom Boulton Painter and imagemaker
Julia Boulton Julia Boulton Garden photographer
Joanna Bowen Joanna Bowen Textiles
Monica Bowen Monica Bowen Painter
Clare Bowen Clare Bowen Oil Painter
Alan Brain Alan Brain Painter and Teacher
Mary Branson Mary Branson Sculpture, print and ceramics
Cathy Brett Cathy Brett Illustrator
Adriana Brinsmead-Stockham Adriana Brinsmead-Stockham Glass artist
Ruta Brown Ruta Brown Jeweller
Genevieve Brown Genevieve Brown Painter
Alan Brown Alan Brown Painter
Hannah Bruce Hannah Bruce Painter
Tiffany Budd Tiffany Budd Painter
Jenifer Bunnett Jenifer Bunnett Photographer
Louise Burnett Louise Burnett Painter
Tim Burns Tim Burns Painter
Anna Byrne Anna Byrne Mixed Media
Luisa Cacciotti Luisa Cacciotti Potter
Melanie Cambridge Melanie Cambridge Painter
Jane Cameron Jane Cameron Silk Painting and Fused Glass
Faye Campbell Faye Campbell Mixed Media Artist
Audrey Campbell Audrey Campbell Painter / sculptor
Gill Cann Gill Cann Botanical Painter
Alison Catchlove Alison Catchlove Sculptor
Paulene Cattle Paulene Cattle Fine Art
Xoanxo Cespon Xoanxo Cespon Painter
Heather Chapman Heather Chapman illustrator
Hilary Charlesworth Hilary Charlesworth weaver
Sarah E Choi Sarah E Choi Ceramic Sculptor
Nicky Chubb Nicky Chubb Painter
Brian Clarke Brian Clarke Painting
Anna Clarke Anna Clarke Painter
Becca Clegg Becca Clegg Painter
Colette Clegg Colette Clegg Painter
Ray Cliffe Ray Cliffe Painter
Lisa Clifford Lisa Clifford Painter
Robert Cloutte Robert Cloutte Painter
Russell Cobb Russell Cobb Artist Illustrator
Kim Cody Kim Cody Painter
Anne Collingwood Anne Collingwood Jeweller, painter, mixed crafts
Gillian Collins Gillian Collins Mixed Media Painting and Textiles
Sue Cook Sue Cook Painter
Tracey Jane Cooper Tracey Jane Cooper Painter
Richenda Court Richenda Court Printmaker
Sue Cox Sue Cox Jewellery
Sarah Cox Sarah Cox Painting
Daniel Craig Daniel Craig Painter
Creative Response Creative Response Arts Charity with Vulnerable Adults
Diana Croft Diana Croft Painter / Printmaker / Stained Glass Artist
Janet Crook Janet Crook Ceramicist
Andrew Curtis Andrew Curtis Painter
Susan Czopor Susan Czopor Ceramicist & Painter
Jane Davies Jane Davies painter
Sophie De Taranto Sophie De Taranto Jewellery
Nerissa Deeks Nerissa Deeks Painter
Gill Denyer Gill Denyer Textile art and mixed media
Jane Deutsch Jane Deutsch Fused Glass / Mosaics / Painter
Celia Di Massimo Celia Di Massimo Painter
Judy Dibiase Judy Dibiase CERAMICS
Kym Diederich Kym Diederich Jeweller
Sarah Louise Dix Sarah Louise Dix Traditional & Modern Upholstery
Denise Doran Denise Doran Painter
David Dragon David Dragon Painter/Printmaker
Jane Drown Jane Drown Stained Glass / Ceramic Artist
Marlies Du Vallon Lohan Marlies Du Vallon Lohan Painter
Emma Dunbar Emma Dunbar painter
Alana Dunlevy Alana Dunlevy Painter
Bali Edwards Bali Edwards Ceramic Artist
Phillippa Egerton Phillippa Egerton Printmaker
Alison Ellen Alison Ellen Textiles, knitting and dyeing
Reiko Evans Reiko Evans Ceramicist
Maureen Farr Maureen Farr Painter
David Fernleigh David Fernleigh Photography
Brett Field Brett Field Fine Art Photography
Penny Fleet Penny Fleet Painter/ Textile artist
Charlotte Fletcher Charlotte Fletcher Textile Artist
Maureen Ford Maureen Ford Painter /Printmaker
Gill Ford Gill Ford Painter and Ceramicist
Christopher Forsey Christopher Forsey Painter
Filomena Forte Filomena Forte Sculptor and Painter
Donna Francis Donna Francis Painter
Fee Fraser Fee Fraser Textiles
Alex Freeman Alex Freeman Photographer
Tracey Friend Tracey Friend Ceramicist
Claire Fulleylove Claire Fulleylove Mosaic
Justine Gage Justine Gage Beaded Jewellery
Janet Gale Janet Gale Potter and Watercolour Artist
Emily Gardner Emily Gardner Fine Art
Hannah Gibson Hannah Gibson Glass artist
David Gilbert David Gilbert Sculptor
Emma Godden Emma Godden Ceramicist
Brigitte Goirand Brigitte Goirand Sculpture
Jill Goodchild Jill Goodchild Painter / Calligrapher
Nancy Goodens Nancy Goodens Artist
Katharine Gordon Katharine Gordon Ceramicist / painter
Allison Graham Allison Graham Painter
Sandra Gratrix Sandra Gratrix Drawing and Painting
Mary Gray Mary Gray Textile and Mixed Media Artist
Penny Green Penny Green Ceramicist
Adam Green Adam Green Painter
Jennifer Greenland Jennifer Greenland Painter
Louise Grundy Louise Grundy Textiles, Paper Mache,
Helen Hadley Helen Hadley Textile Artist
Mary Hainline Mary Hainline Painter
Aileen Hamilton Aileen Hamilton Jewellery making
Alison Harding Alison Harding Painter
Claire Hardwick-Wilson Claire Hardwick-Wilson Artist & Specialist Painter
Liz Harrington Liz Harrington Painter
Carol Harris Carol Harris Painter / Fluxus indulger and Experimenter
Russell Hartley Russell Hartley Painter
Imogen Hartridge Imogen Hartridge Painter
Giles Harvey Giles Harvey FINE ART /PHOTOGRAPHY
Heather Harvey Heather Harvey TEXTILES
Liz Hauck Liz Hauck Painter
Angie Hauser Angie Hauser Printmaker
Meryl Hayes Meryl Hayes Eclectic artist
Jane Hayward Jane Hayward Painter
Catriona Head Catriona Head Ceramicist
Sue Healey Sue Healey Fine Artist
Niki Hearnshaw Niki Hearnshaw Painter
Jean Heathcote Jean Heathcote Painter
Jane Henderson Jane Henderson ceramicist
John Hess John Hess Painter
David Hicks David Hicks PAINTER
Tracy Hills Tracy Hills Jeweller
Helen Hiorns Helen Hiorns Botanical Watercolour
Sue Hoar Sue Hoar Painter
Kim Hoar Kim Hoar Painter and textile artist
Beryl Hole Beryl Hole Ceramicist
Liz Holloway Liz Holloway Painter
Christine Holmes Christine Holmes Photography/ Textiles
Julie Holt Julie Holt Jewellery Designer / Tutor
Christine Hopkins Christine Hopkins Painter / Printmaker
Robyn Horsburgh Robyn Horsburgh Painter
Julie Hoyle Julie Hoyle Printmaker
Heather Humphrey Heather Humphrey Painter
Alison Hunt Alison Hunt Painter
Charlotte Iggulden Charlotte Iggulden Painter
Lisa Ingram Lisa Ingram ceramics
Caroline Jackman Caroline Jackman Painter / Printmaker
Julia Jacs Julia Jacs Drawing, Painting, Painted Furniture
Su Jameson Su Jameson Ceramic Sculptor
Denise Jaques Denise Jaques Mosaics/Mixed Media/Jewellery
Will Johns Will Johns Enthusiastic Painter
Mary Kaun-English Mary Kaun-English Ceramic Sculptor
Nicola Keelan Speedyegg Art Nicola Keelan Speedyegg Art painter
Belinda Kelland Belinda Kelland Sculptor
Farida Khan-Evans Farida Khan-Evans Painting/mixed media/photography
Rodney Kingston Rodney Kingston Oil painter
Janina Klein Janina Klein Painter
Jodi Kline Jodi Kline Jewellery Designer & Maker
Pratima Kramer Pratima Kramer Ceramic and glass artist
Deborah Kreczmer Deborah Kreczmer PAINTER
Katya Kvasova Katya Kvasova painter
Kate Lamb Kate Lamb Photographer
Meike Laurenson Meike Laurenson Textile Artist
Iona Mackenzie Laycock Iona Mackenzie Laycock Textile Artist
Judi LeBlanc Judi LeBlanc Painter
Chris Lemon Chris Lemon Photographer
Clare Lewendon Clare Lewendon Silver work
Celia Lewis Celia Lewis Painter / printmaker/illustrator
Barbara Liddle Barbara Liddle Painter
Susie Lidstone Susie Lidstone Painter
Julie Light Julie Light Glass Artist
Caroline Lingwood Caroline Lingwood Mixed media artist
Joanna Lloyd Joanna Lloyd Cast & Kilnformed Glass Artist
Brett Lohn Brett Lohn Painter specialising in Oils. Also pencil drawings.
Hilly Longman Hilly Longman Sculptor
Michael Longman Michael Longman Sculptor
Val Love Val Love Mixed Media & Collage
Jo Mabbutt Jo Mabbutt Decorative Artist
Renate MacLennan Renate MacLennan Fine art painting, drawing, printing and photography
Jule Mallett Jule Mallett Textile and mixed media artist
Stella Mance Stella Mance Painter
Lisa Mardell Lisa Mardell Photographer
Vivian Markley Vivian Markley Painter
Roger Marsden Roger Marsden Woodturner
Fred Masters Fred Masters painter
Judit Matthews Judit Matthews illustrative artist
Faye Mayo Faye Mayo Ceramicist
Anne McArdle Anne McArdle Enameller
Jane McKeown Jane McKeown Textile Artist
Kirsty McNay Kirsty McNay Paper collage
Bob Meecham Bob Meecham Painter, Potter
Fiona Millais Fiona Millais Painter
Milland Pottery Milland Pottery Ceramicist
Rosemary Miller Rosemary Miller Painter
Kathy Miller Kathy Miller Painter
Benedict Miller Benedict Miller Photography
Andrew Milne Home Andrew Milne Home Painter
Anne Milton Anne Milton Fine Artist
Bob Milton Bob Milton painter
Loraine Monk Loraine Monk Painter
Gabriel Monks Gabriel Monks Photographer
Oorla Morgan Oorla Morgan Jewellery designer/maker
Rosalind Moysen Rosalind Moysen Painter
Rachel Mulligan Rachel Mulligan Stained Glass Artist
Judith Needham Judith Needham Willow Weaver
Katie Netley Katie Netley Ceramic Story Teller
Karl Newman Karl Newman Painter
Cerina Nichamin Cerina Nichamin Painter
Lucy Dorothy Nichols Lucy Dorothy Nichols Paper & Textile Artist
Sheilagh Noble Sheilagh Noble Painter
Terry O'Brien Terry O'Brien pottery
Jacqueline O'Sullivan Jacqueline O'Sullivan Drawing & Painter
Nick Oakley Nick Oakley Photographer
Caroline Oakley Caroline Oakley Painter
Vicky Oldfield Vicky Oldfield Painter / Printmaker
Heather Oliver Heather Oliver Art glass and glass painter
Alison Orchard Alison Orchard Fine Artist
Carol Orwin Carol Orwin Sculptor
Simon Painter Simon Painter Photographic Artist
Jenny Parker Jenny Parker painter and ceramacist
Elaine Parton Elaine Parton Painter
Anna Marie Patchell Anna Marie Patchell Photographer
Clare Pavey Clare Pavey Ceramicist/Painter
David Paynter David Paynter Sculptor / Poet
Jackie Pearce Jackie Pearce Painter
Tessa Pearson Tessa Pearson Painter / Printmaker
Karen Pearson Karen Pearson Painting and sculpture
Sheila Penrose Sheila Penrose Painter
Fanny Peppercorn Fanny Peppercorn ceramics
Sonia Percival Sonia Percival Mixed media textiles
Samantha Petri Samantha Petri Painter
Victoria Phillips Victoria Phillips Jewellery Silversmith
Helen Pittick Helen Pittick Sculptor
Rosemary Pocock Rosemary Pocock painting
Poppy Porter Poppy Porter Abstract Artist : Jeweller
Glyn Powell-Evans Glyn Powell-Evans Photographer
Nigel Prince Nigel Prince Painter
Cathy Pyle Cathy Pyle Photographer
Peter Quarmby Peter Quarmby Chair maker
Robin Quinnell Robin Quinnell Cards and pet portraits
Vivien Raine Vivien Raine Painter
David Raison David Raison Painter
Jan Ramscar Jan Ramscar photographer
Marina Randall Marina Randall Ceramic Artist
Sue Ransley Sue Ransley Painter
Maggie Read Maggie Read Painter / Portrait Artist
Rachel Redfern Rachel Redfern Abstract and Landscape Painting
Janine Rees Janine Rees Textile Artist
Celine Reid Celine Reid Textiles
Jackie Rennie Jackie Rennie Painter
Stephen Richardson Stephen Richardson Mixed Media Creations
Sue Risbridger Sue Risbridger Painter / Photographer / Printmaker
Fleur Robertson Fleur Robertson Photographer and Painter
Samantha Robertson Samantha Robertson Ceramics
Emilyn Robinson-Hill Emilyn Robinson-Hill Painter and Sculptor
Annee Robson Annee Robson Printmaker
Sue Roche Sue Roche Photographer
Marion Rodgers Marion Rodgers Textile Artist
Nina Roe Nina Roe
Su Rogers Su Rogers Ceramics
Louise Rowe Louise Rowe Painter
JoJo Rowley JoJo Rowley Ceramics
Nicki Rowling Nicki Rowling Willow Weaver
Gerda Rubinstein Gerda Rubinstein Sculptor
Caroline Rutter Caroline Rutter Stained Glass , craftwork and sculpture
Margaret Samuel Margaret Samuel Sculptor
Giuseppina Sapia Giuseppina Sapia Woven Textiles
Alison Saunders Alison Saunders Painter/printer
Linda Scott-Cerins Linda Scott-Cerins Glass Artist
Lynne  Seale Lynne Seale painter
Christopher Sercombe Christopher Sercombe Painter
Nancy Shafee Nancy Shafee textile & fibre craft
Dodie Shariff Dodie Shariff Painter/printer
Jo Shepherd Jo Shepherd Painter
John Sherwood John Sherwood Woodturner
Karina Siba Karina Siba Painter & Photographer
Jane Silk Jane Silk Ceramicist
Melody Sills Melody Sills Ceramic artist
Paul Simmons Paul Simmons Painter in Oil and Watercolour
Sarah Simonds-Gooding Sarah Simonds-Gooding Mixed Media Artist
George Simpson George Simpson Painter
Caroline Skinner Caroline Skinner Painter
Malcolm Skipp Malcolm Skipp Mosaic Artist
Ingrid Skoglund Ingrid Skoglund Painter
Denise Slattery Denise Slattery Painter, scenic artist and art tutor.
Caroline Small Caroline Small Stained Glass and Fused Glass
Terri Smart Terri Smart Ceramicist
Angela Smith Angela Smith Potter
Anita Smith Anita Smith Garden Designer and Artist
Kristin Smith Kristin Smith Jewellery Designer (metalwork & wirework)
Clare Smythson Clare Smythson Painter
Natascha Snell Natascha Snell Painter
Nicola Somers Nicola Somers Painter
Di Spalding Di Spalding Sculpture
Gill Speirs Gill Speirs painter/printmaker
Lesley Spencer Lesley Spencer Painter
Judy Staight Judy Staight Painter
Janet Stanley Janet Stanley Sculptor
Shauna Stanton Shauna Stanton Painter
Linda Stanton Linda Stanton Painter
Dorothy Stapleton Dorothy Stapleton Collage, print, acrylics, art quilts
Claudia Stendel Claudia Stendel Mixed Media Artist
Shirley Ann Stephens Shirley Ann Stephens Printmaker
Thomas Stimpson Thomas Stimpson Painter
Gesa Stolting Gesa Stolting Painter
Louisa Sullivan Louisa Sullivan Kiln Formed Glass Artist
Surrey Art School Surrey Art School Mixed Media Fine Artist
Joe Szabo Joe Szabo Glass Artist
Emma C Tabor Emma C Tabor Printmaking
Lianne Tadd Lianne Tadd Painter
James Tait James Tait Sculptor & painter
Georgina Talfana Georgina Talfana Drawing
Rachael Talibart Rachael Talibart Fine art landscape photography
Ruth Taylor Ruth Taylor Painter
Nicholas Taylor Nicholas Taylor Scroll & Fretwork
Angela Thames Angela Thames Printmaker & Book Artist
The Artventure Trust The Artventure Trust Charitable Trust
The Grange The Grange Art, Craft, Textiles, Photography & Animation
Jonathan Thompson Jonathan Thompson Painter-Printmaker
Val Thorpe Val Thorpe PAINTER
Jean Tolkovsky Jean Tolkovsky Ceramicist
Ali Tomlin Ali Tomlin Ceramicist
Janet Treanor Janet Treanor Painter
Jim Tucker Jim Tucker Assemblage Found Objects
Martin Tyler Martin Tyler Ceramicist
Sarah Vaci Sarah Vaci Fibre artist
Henriette Van der Does Henriette Van der Does Sculptress / Painter
Adriaan Van Heerden Adriaan Van Heerden Photographer
Molly Verity Molly Verity Textiles/ Oil pastels /Print making
Andrew Vince Andrew Vince Painter
Sonya Vine Sonya Vine Painter
Hugh Walker Hugh Walker Watercolour
Nathan Walker Nathan Walker Painter
Linda Walsh Linda Walsh Textile Artist
Ronan Walsh Ronan Walsh Fine Artist
Barbara Walsham Barbara Walsham Painter
Pippa Ward Pippa Ward artist
Claire Waterhouse Claire Waterhouse Ceramics
Bin Watmore Bin Watmore Painter
Julie Watson Julie Watson Mixed media
Jill Weeks Jill Weeks Painter
Elizabeth Welch Elizabeth Welch Glass blower/ Flameworker
Malcolm West Malcolm West Painter / Sculptor
Barbara Westwell Barbara Westwell Textile Artist
Ruth Wheeler Ruth Wheeler Sculptor
Abigail Wicking Abigail Wicking Portrait and Landscape artist
Gemma Wightman Gemma Wightman Ceramicist
Joan Wigley Joan Wigley Weaver / Textile Artist
Renate Wilbraham Renate Wilbraham Stitch Artist
Marion Wilcocks Marion Wilcocks Painter
Paul Wilcocks Paul Wilcocks Woodturner
Jenny Willcox Jenny Willcox Painter
Sarah Williams Sarah Williams Painter
Tamara Williams Tamara Williams Printmaker, Designer, Mixed Media
Gaynor Wilson Gaynor Wilson Ceramics
Ruth Winchester Ruth Winchester Polymer
Amanda Winfield Amanda Winfield Stained and Fused Glass Artist
James Wingrove James Wingrove Painter
Suzanne Winn Suzanne Winn Painter
Kate Winskill Kate Winskill Painting textiles
Elaine Winter Elaine Winter Painting
Devra Wiseman Devra Wiseman Painter/monoprints/digital art
Drunk Wolf Drunk Wolf Street and Digital Artist
Kirstin Wood Kirstin Wood painter
Mike Woods Mike Woods Painter
Suzy Woolston Suzy Woolston Drawing and Painting
Stephanie Wright Stephanie Wright Ceramicist / Sculptor
Elly Wright Elly Wright Painter
Cintia Yankelevich Cintia Yankelevich Ceramics
Christiane Zschommler Christiane Zschommler Photographer