Adele Goulty

Ceramic Artist

Until recently my ceramic forms had been predominantly coil built burnished stoneware , then saggar fired using various sulphates , letting the fire have the final say . During lockdown I started exploring the endless possibilities of using flax porcelain clay (also known as paper clay) which is a complete departure from my normal method of working . Painting directly onto a plaster slab using various monochrome slips then applying a layer of porcelain slip over the top to create what looks like a large painting once dry . The piece is then cut and assembled into various forms , this gives a greater freedom of surface decoration unencumbered by the form itself . The beach is my greatest source of inspiration , there are thousands of forms to be found on a beach , I never leave without a bag full of lovely pebbles and rocks , which are all around my studio in Chiddingfold . My love of architecture has also had an influence on my work , Renzo Piano and Kengo Kuma are particular favourites . I also do workshops through out the year .

Telephone: 07963367156