Andrew Curtis


Studied Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University. He moved studios from Gloucestershire to Guildford in the early nineties where he was Head of Art at the Royal Grammar School for 26 years He has exhibited with the Royal Society of British Artists, Royal Institute of Oil Painters (winner of the 2002 Winsor and Newton Award), the Royal West of England Academy, New English Art Club, as well as galleries in the UK and Europe. He has contributed to the Artist Magazine and been featured on the BBC Two’s Culture Show. A painter of abstracts, he also works figuratively and has been working from live sketches of musicians performing in pubs, clubs and small music festivals. " Much of my work is inspired by my travels and the places I have seen. Abstraction is a means by which one can get underneath the surface of a subject and capture the essence of a place. Most recently, I have been working on paintings inspired by my travels in South Western Africa I travel with watercolour and oil paints and will sit down at an easel and paint conventional studies or make visual notes of a place in sketchbooks. Once back in the studio, the work begins in “translating” these gathered impressions. Paintings can be quickly finished or take years to develop."