Art by Our Donna


Although I have loved art for a long time, I started my own artistic journey during the 2020 Coronavirus restrictions as a way of channelling my anxiety, frustration and uncertainty about where the world was headed. Consequently, my art is highly personal and tends to be a reflection of my mood. With that said, I often return to a painting many times before its finished and the work can have a transitional feel, finishing somewhere completely different from where it started. My work is contemporary abstract although I am not wedded to a particular style. I work mainly with acrylic - paint, sprays and inks but occasionally dabble with oil and watercolour and use a variety of implements and mediums - brushes, rollers, squeegees, scrapers sponges, cardboard and even spoons to create layers of immersive colour and texture. All my pieces are unique. My site is named as a nod to my northern roots.... up there, everyone is someones 'our'.

Telephone: 07584286675