Atherton Green Art Gallery


Atherton Green Art is about the art itself, the artist, and you – the art buyer. We understand that knowing the how and why behind the piece makes owning it even more special. That is why we spend the time finding and selecting innovative, engaging, artists, who create fine art, mixed media and sculpture in both original and limited edition. If you need help picking the right piece for your space, we also offer a bespoke consulting service. Through regular exhibitions, pop-ups and events, at our gallery in Farringdon and through our website, we bring our stable of artists to you. We make it easy to own beautiful works of art by taking the stress out of buying with simple delivery costs, free returns if you aren’t entirely happy, and a framing service option. At Atherton Green Art we make the experience of buying art something meaningful, where you can find real gems and create vibrant contemporary collections. Keep an eye out for new artists on our website and an unfolding events programme. Follow us on Instagram Facebook and Linkedin to keep up to date or contact us to find out what we can do for you.