Avril Jones


Thank you for your interest. I live in Caterham, Surrey with my partner, eldest daughter, very artistic teenage granddaughter and very unusual, energetic dog, who has yet to learn to be a patient photographer's companion when we're out and about. My younger daughter lives a few miles away with her fiancé and their young son. My love of photography is nearly as old as I am. I love the way a camera can be used to preserve memories, tell stories, create art and show us places and things we might never otherwise see or even hear about. Photography is so versatile. It can excite us with high speed action or sooth us with dreamy tranquility, show us what's going on in the news - and everything in between. Photographs look their best when printed. A screen can never show the full depth and tonal range. If you buy one of my prints, it will be produced by one of the best labs in the UK on beautiful fine art paper. If unframed, it will be shipped directly to you, rolled in a protective tube for framing to your own taste. Framed prints will be shipped carefully packed for protection.

Telephone: 07894265005