Barbara Morton


BARBARA MORTON. I enjoyed art at school, but did not paint again for nearly forty years. Art was my main subject at Teacher Training College, following which I spent many years as a Primary schoolteacher, with a gap for bringing up my three children. When we moved into our first home, we found a box of oil paints in the loft and I persuaded my husband that I would use them some day. The box moved house with us many times. Eventually for a birthday present twenty years ago, I was given a painting course at West Dean, which was the trigger for a new and absorbing interest in my life. Many different subjects catch my attention but my main interests are landscapes, flowers, and abstracts. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, media and subjects. Often, I find a subject and study it with different media and from different approaches. Since rediscovering painting, I have learnt the joy of working with different media and the pleasure that painting can give. In addition, I enjoy exploring the use of colour and texture in making jewellery.

Telephone: 01730 893988