Brigitte @ BeeKayMakes

Sustainable Weaver and Textile Educator

Brigitte is a sustainable hand weaver and textile designer who is passionate about sustainable and ethical textiles. She works with nettle yarn, linen and organic materials to create classic and contemporary low impact textiles.

Her artwork features her foraged local nettle yarn on Irish Linen. The colour palette of her work is inspired by nature and naturally dyed with Sage, Walnut, Nettle and Calendula.

Her handwoven nettle-wool fabrics only have about 25% of the environmental impact compared to synthetic textiles and are 100% naturally biodegradable. Brigitte spins locally foraged and processed nettles in Surrey and in her nettle blend fabrics uses ethical fair-trade Nepalese nettle yarn to support social sustainability.

All of Brigitte’s materials are traceable, organic or GOTS certified, and low impact – right down to her labels and sewing yarns.