Catherine McVean

Painter  |  Visit Open Studio

Catherine is a professional artist best known for her still life oil paintings. Her paintings are a quiet celebration of everyday moments reflected in the subjects she chooses to paint and the way she represents them. She is interested in the effect of light on a subject and how it can alter our appreciation of it. Catherine has a particular interest in patterns, particularly those found on vintage crockery as well as silver, glass and reflections. She is passionate about colour and loves to explore colour in different compositions and different light setups. Having painted throughout her life, in 2019 she started painting professionally and in 2021 started painting with oils. Catherine was totally captivated by the rich colours and slow drying time and oils are now her passion and focus. While Catherine paints predominantly in oil she has experience working in watercolour, acrylic and ink. She paints both in her studio and “en plein air” and prefers to work alla prima. Catherine loves to paint outdoors and enjoys the challenges that come with landscape painting away from the quiet of her studio. Catherine started her career as a strategy and business consultant working in London, Brussels and Oman. Over the past 10 years, Catherine has lived in the UK, Oman and New Zealand but moved back to the UK in 2020 and now paints full time from her studio in Ascot. Catherine has been teaching drawing and painting classes to adults since 2019.

Telephone: 07387 357007