Dawn Hajittofi

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I've always been interested in making things but ceramics has been my first love since my teens. I studied at Havering College and UCA Farnham and at the end of 2019 I started to focus more on my own ceramic work. I'm interested in how life events impact us and the challenge to overcome adversity particularly when our experiences leave us with lasting marks. In my work I try to capture the often unpredictable and unexpected nature of these events but also to convey the enormous possibilities of hope and change. My work is thrown in earthenware, which is then altered and distorted, accidental marks and imperfections are not removed but actively encouraged. It is decorated with abstract mark making using a combination of coloured slips, underglazes, pencils and oxides. It is sometimes partially glazed and can be fired a number of times. The work is more decorative than functional and while they may have similarities, no two pieces are the same. I believe in hope and second chances, that despite our marks, visible and invisible we all have beauty and value.