Diana Uzun


My love of the arts began during my travels around Europe in the early eighties; there were so many art galleries to visit! A requisite when travelling is, of course, a camera, now a long time companion. A career in IT followed, and marriage, homes and gardens. I came across a book at that time (How to Make a Wildlife Garden by Chris Bains) which made a great impression, and all our gardens, and the wildlife that have taken up residence since, have benefited from it. Upon leaving IBM I signed up with the Open University for a foundation course in the Arts. This led to a BA (Hons) and confidence in a new direction. A macro lens followed, and the extraordinary detail it captures turned my view of insects on its head. My twin passions became the natural world and the arts. Together they drive my photography as I aim to reveal nature's variety in detail, and to prompt consideration of the largely invisible world around us. The details of insect life revealed by a macro lens - their unfamiliar, sometimes bizarre, beauty and behaviour - is always interesting. Here they are seen as characters in art works. Individual shots of various species can be seen on my website. Nature aside, I like to go beyond what I see through the lens to explore photographic techniques such as multiple exposure and intentional camera movement (ICM). Once the images are out of camera I often like to explore creativity via post processing digital manipulation. Recent works have been prompted by climate change and the resulting catastrophic collapse of insect populations world-wide. My work is available primarily as Giclee Fine Art Limited Edition prints. A selection of my prints are also available from The Lightbox Gallery, Woking.