DMC Illustrations (Daisy May Collingridge)


The artist behind DMC illustrations is Daisy. She works with pen and watercolour. No Computers No Photoshop. Each illustration is the culmination of several hours of ‘research’ drawings where she studies each animal to understand how it moves. This is followed by 'doodling' ideas of how all these animals are going to sit together in a composition that is satisfying. Daisy has always hand made cards for her family members. These have developed into bigger drawings as gifts to her newly born nephews (’Moose’ 2015 and ‘Owen & the Okapi’ 2015). When people saw her drawings and reacted positively it gave Daisy the confidence create her own illustration company. Now her cards are sold in independent shops across the UK as well as in the Netherlands, Ireland and as far as Japan! Along side the cards she does regular commissions for birthdays, new borns and gifts throughout the year.