Ed Brydon


For Surrey Artists Open Studios in June 2022 I will be showing work alongside my son Alexander in his first exhibit: Cartes de Paris, Père et Fils (Postcards from Paris, Father and Son) These “call and response” postcard diptychs, hand-printed in the darkroom from film, show Paris as seen through the eyes of a father and his son on a trip made to the city in February 2022. Darkroom silver gelatin prints were hand-made using Ilford RC Portfolio 4x6" double-weight paper, available as unlimited editions, signed on the reverse Test prints are subject to availability, marked and signed on the reverse -- I am a photographer and writer based near Farnham, Surrey, in south east England, just 45 minutes from London. I also regularly work in North Wales. I was born in England to English and Irish parents and grew up in North Wales before moving to New York for 15 years to pursue scientific research on human viruses. In 2018 I returned to the UK. This research background has informed my projects that concern science and health, and has led to a wider interest in the concept of One Health, which recognizes the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. My more recent work explores personal connections to place, the land and natural environment, how each of those, and the connections between them, are changing. Increasingly I am seeking to move beyond digital photography and am drawn towards making physical expressions of my images that will create a tangible link with the project by printing on other materials than standard inkjet/giclée paper. This has also made me re-examine my practice with the aim of making it more sustainable. I am a member of Kiln Photo (Badshot Lea, Farnham) and my studio can be found at Little Acre Studios in Rowledge, Farnham.