Fiona Pearce


I paint from my studio, an old granary called ‘The Hen House’ in Upper Farringdon. Working predominately in acrylics, I like to paint on canvases of all sizes using as much expression as possible and normally with copious amounts of paint using a credit card and any other tools I can find. Seeing the world as a series of shapes, I use electric colours to create semi-abstract local landscapes, many of which reflect the gorgeous Surrey and Hampshire countryside, inspired by my daily dog walks with my partner in crime, Buddy. During the the past year in lockdown I discovered a new style which I now paint alongside my normal expressive style. Both will be on show. I am fortunate enough to exhibit regularly at The New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham as well as other galleries around the country. I welcome you to my studio, and I will endeavour to fill it with new pieces for you to see.