Geraldine Besgrove

Printmaker, painter and illustrator

I am an illustrator and printmaker. I studied Fine Art in London and Barcelona and worked in the media and print industry in the UK and abroad for many years before deciding to focus solely on my artwork. I'm inspired by my immediate environment as well as remembered environments, people and places. My works are an amalgamation of things real and imagined from the past and present. This idea is reflected in the way I work by building up layers. I love nature and all things colourful, and my work is inspired by the British countryside and wildlife as well as a strong graphic aesthetic. My most recent work celebrates the importance of bugs especially in today's threatened natural world. It's the little things that matter! As well as my own art practice I teach children through my ArtyBees classes. During OpenStudios I will be running a number of workshops for both adults and children. Check out my website or my Instagram accounts @geraldinebesgroveart and @theartsbee for more details.