Grace Ellen

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Grace Ellen is an award-winning landscape painter based in Surrey. Grace’s paintings are often large in scale and have a strong immersive quality, providing the viewer with a window through which to share her joy of the British landscape. Grace’s style sits between the realistic and the romanticised. Her use of texture mediums, sprays and impasto mark-making bring the landscapes to life and provide a strong sense of place and familiarity. Grace’s formal education, studying Zoology and Ecology at the University of Exeter, gave her a deep understanding and appreciation of her subject matter and the need for its protection. Her post-graduate studies in photography at the University of Creative Arts in Epsom were also influential – the importance of light remains central to her paintings, and her ability to portray light, particularly on water, is one of her most admired techniques. Her photography experience also contributes to her use of composition to direct attention; she makes full use of her canvas to create paintings which the viewer is invited to look into rather than at. Each of her paintings are truly unique and a snapshot of her experience at each location. Grace has been painting professionally for a decade and remains endlessly inspired by and enthralled with the natural landscape. Recent prizes include the visitor’s choice awards at both Bath Art Fair and Surrey Contemporary Art Fair. She was also voted as a 2022 finalist for the ‘Surrey Artist of the Year’ competition based on her solo show Light and Land.

Telephone: 07805055558