Greg Ward

painting, drawings, Photography, Mixed Media

Why not is a question I have asked myself time and time again over the years. Why ‘not’ be an Artist? I am a talented Landscaper turning people's vision into a live creation; this all involves art, design and creativity. So WHY KNOT take the images from my head and put them on canvas? WHY KNOT open up a new world of creativity where anything is possible? I refuse to be labelled or put in a box, I AM GREG, I am who I am, hence the twist on the name WHY KNOT. We are all a little bit quirky, just some of us try to conform to society’s beliefs and some of us buck against the system. A new beginning is when you let the fear and the negative thoughts and stories go, don't let anything hold you back, create space to allow the positive thought of creativity to flow and connect back with your true self. Within everyone is an artist trying to escape. My ultimate goal is to encourage others to use art as a means of expressionism and freedom.