Iana Tovalovich Miller


Iana Tovalovich Miller (1984) Avant-garde artist expressing joy For realization in drawing, nature always inspired by its beauty and positive that the artist wanted to convey through landscapes, still lifes, abstraction with the help of tempera, which helps to convey the smooth flow of tones in nature, oil as a way of conveying the bright and sometimes lush palette of nature. She studied techniques and drawing in the period 2013-2019, where she found a place to display her creativity. In 2013-2014 in the gallery of Mares Ladislav (tempera, oil, acrylic) In 2014 in the gallery of academic artist Andrei Smolak (still lifes) In 2014-2015 in the gallery "Artevia" with the artist and teacher Silvie Ushiak Matesova (pencil, ink, acrylic, creative techniques, still lifes) In 2016, in the gallery of the Slovak artist and restorer Miroslav Bezhak and artist Ivana Filkorova (oil, gilding technique, impressionism). The artist finds her inspiration in nature, in moments when words are not needed and life gives us a sense of love, hope and faith in goodness in moments of intimate encounter with the beauty of nature. Exhibitions: 2014 Theater Meteorit Bratislava 2014-2015 joint exhibitions in the gallery Arteviya Bratislava. 2017 joint exhibition with artists in ArtForum Bratislava, the courses of Miroslav Bezak.  2019, 2020 joint exhibition in XBionic hotel and conference center Bratislava 2019, 2020 joint exhibition in grand hotel Sava Rogaska Slovenia 2020 charity exhibition in Vienna Kunst Raum Gallery 2020 joint exhibition in Zichyho palace Bratislava 2020 joint international exhibition in art gallery Brulloff in Saint Petersburg, international culture forum 2021 joint international exhibition in ART Society of Russian painters “Water Reflections” in Saint - Petersburg 2021 Haslemere museum HAS 2021 Sicily international exhibition