Jean Tolkovsky


I produce unique, hand built, figurative ceramic pieces which can best be described as 'illustration in clay'. Inspirations are multiple; fairy tales, myths, and cultural references merge with childhood memories, observations and imaginings to create toy-like characters. Usually the work carries a loose narrative which is open to interpretation. New characters are constantly emerging, sometimes whimsical, sometimes with a darker edge. Anthropomorphic figures question who we are 'behind the mask', whilst fairy tale characters may evoke a sense of nostalgia. It's always fascinating to see how the viewer relates to and interprets the work. All my work is hand built using a stoneware clay. After a high bisque firing the work is then decorated with under glaze colours and a matt glaze before being refired. Most of the pieces are embellished with nichrome wire and sometimes further enhanced with gold leaf.

Telephone: 07941083767