Jennifer Jokhoo

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Originally from New Zealand, Jennifer moved to the UK in 2001 and taught Secondary school Art and design in Cambridge - later moving to Spain and then London to teach. In 2008 she rekindled her love of printmaking and started to work on intricate linocuts at the kitchen table! In 2012 she was elected a member of Greenwich printmakers association and in May 2016, she became an associate member of the Society of graphic and fine artists. More recently Jennifer joined the Printmakers council. Upon moving to the Surrey hills in 2014, Jennifer's interest shifted from architectural landscapes, to areas closer to home. Hillside views, fields, wide skies and horizontal bands are elements that are visited and revisited in her prints. The landscapes reveal themselves slowly and require an element of patience! As does the creative process which requires intricate cutting and layering of colour which takes place over many weeks. Each reduction linocut is produced by hand; from the initial drawings, to the intricate cutting, inking and printing of editions.