Jill Billings

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I moved to live in Frensham in the beautiful Surrey Hills back in 2002. I have worked in large businesses as an accountant and then business consultant, for most of my career, but have now decided to concentrate on doing something that I enjoy - which is more creative. I found weaving about 9 years go, and taught myself to weave on my 8 shaft Louet Jane 70 cm table loom. I have recently taken delivery of a Louet Spring II 110cm 12 shaft floor loom, which I am gradually getting to grips with and enjoying my continuing weaving journey ! I love using fine yarns such as silk and bamboo and also Tencel. I have recently discovered linen and the ability to mix different yarn types together to make delicious fabrics. I also have a passion for jewel-like colours, In addition to weaving, I have recently started my dressmaking again, and enjoy making pretty dresses for my 6 year old granddaughter and also myself. I also knit and crochet - so as you can see, I love all things textile! My “weaving/ sewing room” always has at least 3 projects on the go at once. I love keeping busy. I live in a beautiful cottage with my husband Malc, and our little dog (poodle/bichon/yorkie cross) Millie x

Telephone: 01252 790843 / 07834 640157