Julie Barham

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I am a ceramicist and produce both tableware and sculptural pieces for the garden. What I love about pottery is the variety that it offers the maker with regard to type and colour of clay, the many different making techniques and also the range of colours, stains, tools and glazes for decoration. I work with stoneware, white earthenware and terracotta, using both hand building techniques and throwing on the wheel. I am currently experimenting with different stoneware glazes but I also enjoy decorating with coloured slips. I see the pot as a canvas for my designs, and I love the contrast between the bare clay and the coloured slips and glossy glaze. I like the idea that a pot can be both beautiful to look at, but also functional. My inspiration comes from the natural world, from plants and the landscape. I am particularly interested in seedpods, and in the patterns that can be seen in nature and in architecture, whether this is a beautiful cathedral or an ultra-modern building. I also love the bold and bright colours and designs of textiles, particularly those of the 50s and 60s. Patterns are all around us!

Telephone: 07443432909