Justine Jenner


I produce thrown work using white earthenware clay, moving between functional tableware and decorative pieces. My love of form and function, delight in colour and the challenge of producing fine, delicate pots with a clay not usually associated with such a result, all contribute to my ongoing exploration when making. I've always been drawn to colourful ceramics since my early, initial training at Dartington Pottery in the 1990s. At that time, Dartington was famous for producing functional ware with vivid, abstract floral designs by Janice Tchalenko. Subsequently, I worked for lustre ware potter Julian Bellmont (previously a production thrower at Aldermaston Pottery) and then for myself, in Rome, where I produced colourful, simply decorated Maijolica. Since 2013, I have been running my own small business to which I added teaching workshops a few years ago. This is a very enjoyable part of my practice, nurturing the creativity and acquisition of pottery skills in others and thus feeding back in to the enthusiasm for my own making. My work is currently on display and sold in galleries across the UK.