Karen Hodge

Textile Artist

I am primarily a Textile Artist leading Young Embroiderers in my guild in Kingston which I have been a member for 18 years plus. Originally I am from California, with parents from Oklahoma, but I find that I am truly settled here in Surrey with our teenage son and husband of strong Scottish heritage. My art is still developing as I take on expressing memories of childhood -and in my case growing up in California with many summer trips to Oklahoma. Interpreting the wide open expanse of Oklahoma farmland and my mother's childhood memories is what this year brings for me. I screen-printed my way through a media communications degree in university and am rediscovering this medium at home mixed together with the City & Guilds Embroidery and many many years of exploring textile art and a recent love of abstract photography with my carers network's Create workshop. I love learning and interpreting themes together with print, photography and textiles.