Kaz Jones

Painter & Printmaker

I have to paint, and I paint whatever catches my eye, be it a nude, a still life, flowers, a portrait, a seascape, cityscape or landscape. Painting helped to pull me out of depression, it provided a lifeline and now it absorbs me. I work mainly in acrylics as I find them infinitely forgiving, and am currently very drawn to photorealism - often using my own photographs as inspiration. One of my current favourite themes is what I call “dramatic fruit ‘n’ veg” which explores how the mundane can be made extraordinary through the simple application of lighting and shadows. Chiaroscuro can make the everyday seem theatrical. As I travel further on my artistic journey, I find myself being drawn more and more to printmaking and now regularly include linoprinting in my practice having been introduced to the mysteries of reduction printing by Alexandra Buckle. I have also now been taught wood engraving by the inestimable Anne Desmet RA so more of these will be appearing in my portfolio. I enjoy the crispness of line you can get with printmaking as well as the ability to produce affordable pieces of art.

Telephone: 07976 701596