Kim Cody

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KIM CODY - BA hons (Fine Art) Maidstone College of Art. - ATD, Cert.Ed. University of Leicester. Kim has drawn and painted all her life. She was a teacher of art and design for thirty five years before moving in 2002 to France where she lived, worked and exhibited for twelve years. " Much of my subject matter is derived from the landscape. Observing and exploring spacial relationships and the ephemeral effects of light and shade have been dominant preoccupations in all my work both previous and present. Boundaries are also of interest to me. In my compositions they may divide, interrupt or obstruct the narrative or they may be broken, crossed or submerged, thus generating a feeling of movement or tension. The restrictions of working on a two dimensional surface have lead me recently to experiment with applying actual texture in the form of collage to the surface of the paper or canvas. This provides the opportunity to exploit the possibilities of layering using both tone and colour. I feel it also adds an extra dimension to the physical, visual and emotional qualities of the work. " Kim exhibits regularly in France and the UK and her work is in collections worldwide. Since November 2014 she has been living and working in Farnham, Surrey and visitors are welcome at her studio in Wrecclesham all year round by appointment.

Telephone: 07986509846