Lina Alousta Art

Painting/mixed media/collage

Hi there, I’m a Surrey based abstract artist combining my past BA degree in Graphic Design together with my recent discovery of abstract painting to create intuitive bold gestural marks. Inspired by colour around me and in nature throughout the seasons, I absorb and indulge in the feelings that arouse and respond by painting the emotions that invigorate my soul. I capture recent magical experiences and childhood memories of the sea and skies evoking the sense of energy and movement. Most of the time I work in acrylics, occasionally in watercolours. I tend to incorporate mixed media within my pieces. Layering, sanding and editing are part of my process that creates hidden treasures and builds on the richness of the layered textures as the painting starts to take form and shape. Creativity is my magic that I am grateful for and happy to share. It delights me to hear that my paintings stir an emotion within and trigger joyful memories