Louise Grundy

Paper Mache Sculpture and Teacher

Louise Grundy from Ancestry Heads creates Paper Mache Heads of famous and not so famous people. She does commissions of peoples ancestors using certificates and family photos, she also teaches online world wide as well as making her own art. Between November 2019 & March 2020 Louise was Artist in Residence at Watts Gallery, Compton and created a George & Mary Watts Paper Mache Sculpture as well as working with school groups, volunteers and staff. Louise enjoyed being Artist in Residence and has been in a number of schools from a few days to a school year at a specialist needs school. In lockdown Louise started teaching online after some encouragement from Surrey Arts, after her initial concerns about the technology she has loved it and has students from all over the UK, the USA and Netherlands learning the techniques she has developed. Each week there is a live online 1 hour class, where Louise shows the students techniques that they can continue in the week with her support in the week, students have learnt how to make heads, angels and figures. Louise also does her own work which she exhibits, sells and talks about.