Mai Osawa

Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker  |  Visit Open Studio

I am trained as a set designer and am now a full time artist, illustrator and printmaker. I also run Printmaking Workshop specially Less-toxic Etching at my studio which is located on a farm nestling in delightful countryside on Russ Hill. I have long been fascinated by the old stone buildings of Europe and I am curious to understand what it must have been like as a mason or an architect on olden times. I like to think that the physical process of etching presents the printmaker with a similar challenge to that of a mason striving to achieve a perfect building or carving, and this fascination is why I so enjoy focusing on that etching process. The most important aspects for me are ‘light’ and ‘dimension’ and my aim is to create scenes that can tell a different story for each individual viewer.

Telephone: 07838400396