Mohammed Ali

Painter, sculptor  |  Visit Open Studio

As a scientist turned artist, my style is heavily influenced by the work of Sir Isaac Newton and the principles of the delta and the prism. It’s rooted in engineering concepts and enhanced by my love of cubism pioneered by Picasso. In combining these two concepts, my style of ‘deltaism’ evolved. I used to run workshops on this art form from my studio in St George’s Hill, Weybridge and I’m proud to say that it has gained followers over the years well beyond Surrey. My other inspirations are drawn from this beautiful county I live in. I may not draw landscapes of the beautiful Surrey countryside but its delightful rolling hills and winding rivers are a constant source of inspiration to me. I also have a studio in London and several of my abstract landscapes feature the Thames and the city – another one of my passions. My scientific approach lends itself to abstract art, sculpture using geometry, featuring big bold colours or monochrome – nothing in between! The painting medium is simple – oil paints and canvas are my preferred materials – usually on large canvases. I hope you enjoy my work!

Telephone: 07881 651 780