Monica Dyer


At 17 I realised I wanted to be a painter. I wanted to reveal something about the world that couldn't be told in any other way. I went to art college and studied painting but life got in the way and I retrained in the quite different field of Corporate IT. But the idea was still there and, about 10 years ago I started taking a day off every week to study portrait painting. 4 years ago I gave up my 'proper job' and launched myself into the world of art. It's not been easy. Art requires, above all, perseverance. Lockdown was a good time for art. I just kept on painting portraits. Even when I ran out of people to paint who I know I painted some of my heroes. When I gave up IT my son asked me 'What will you do for a hobby when you do your hobby for a job?'. The answer is politics. My views are on the left/pro-EU side. But I also love strong women. One of my most popular images is the portrait of Laura Keunssberg. A great talking point at exhibitions. Any art career is a process. But there are some things that are coming right. The first is that I am getting commissions for portraits. Some are easy and some are not. I'm currently working on a double portrait that is really challenging. The second is that I have found a group of artists who share my approach. We have called ourselves the 'Bell Street Artists', after the street in Reigate where 3 of these artists have their studio. My studio is still at home. I have a beautiful big room in which to make my art. If you would like to come and see me and my work just send me an email. I would be very pleased to see you.

Telephone: 07740021767