Penny Fleet

Mixed Media

I create colourful, original and decorative mixed media paintings and collages inspired by my love of nature, colour and my surroundings. My work is quite creative and experimental - I apply acrylic paints and inks to a surface using brushes, spatulas, sticks and spray paints to create decorative and colourful backgrounds. I then draw loosely before applying more paint, hand-decorated collage papers, fabric, thread, stitching, text from old books or other interesting finds, to add layers of colour, pattern, texture and detail. I also make felt from merino wool fibres which I then add embroidery and applique to make small gifts and decorations. My inspiration comes from many sources but mainly from being outdoors in the fresh air, the uplifting colour contrasts and harmonies in big bunches of flowers, the birds in my garden, and the big open fields and skies in the countryside. My aim is to capture the freshness and simplicity of nature in all its seasonal glory, something which has resonated with so many of us after the challenges of the past 2 years. I studied Textile Design and over the years I have worked as a designer, a freelancer and a part-time teacher. My rural garage studio is on the Hampshire Surrey borders and I exhibit locally and take part in Open Studio events.