Penny Fleet

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I trained in Textile Design at Brighton Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art and have always enjoyed discovering the endless possibilities of combining different materials. Using mixed media gives me the freedom to be creative and to experiment, finding different ways to explore and express my love of nature and the countryside. I paint with acrylics on paper, canvas or wooden boards and move the wet paint around energetically using a variety of things such as sprays, spatulas, rollers or whatever is to hand to create a decorative background. I use pencils or inks to draw shapes and forms, and then add combinations of decorated papers, fabrics and threads to create colour, pattern, and texture. In winter I make merino wool felt fabrics which I then sew into small gifts and pictures decorated with stitching, tweeds, vintage fabrics and buttons. I love being outdoors in the fresh air or being by the sea, and particularly love wide open landscapes, bunches of fresh flowers in colourful jugs and vases, little birds hopping around in my garden, and long walks in the fields and countryside surrounding my home. I am always inspired by the seasonal colours and changes in nature and take lots of photos and record new ideas in my sketchbooks.