Pilita Bryant

Contemporary artist

I am intuitive by nature and I feel, sense and react deeply to my surrounding, emotions and situations. My art naturally flows from that intuition, sometimes from deep memories, sometimes from pure imagination. Over the last 2 years much my inspiration has come from places close to home- riverside walks, the changing seasons and some experimenting with abstract still lifes. My abstract/abstract realism mixed media art is often rooted in an emotional response to my surroundings, but at times I like to let my active imagination take the lead. I work in a range of mediums - I love the fluidity of watercolour and ink, the textural possibilities of acrylic and the expressiveness of monotype printing. I often use collage to add an extra dimension and interest to my work and I am continually exploring different approaches to creating interesting and fresh art. I hope you enjoy viewing my art and discovering your own interpretation.

Telephone: 07956475535