Pilita Bryant

Contemporary artist

My abstract art depicts an emotional response to the world around me. Everyday sights, sounds, scents, events and impressions are reflected in the work I create. My approach is often intuitive, drawing upon deep memories of places seen, dreamt or imagined. I aim to blur the boundaries between abstraction and realism and capture the energy and movement in the natural world. My art is a combination of intention and spontaneity, often letting the paint or medium take the lead, but then pulling the painting back to its original idea. I add layers and often remove them in pursuit of balance, harmony and emotional expression. Mark making is gestural and fluid and I use a variety of tools and mediums, sometimes adding pieces of collage, both found and made, to create unexpected elements of colour, pattern and texture. The ambiguity in my paintings allows the viewer to find their own meaning and interpretation. Art is a constant discovery for me with endless possibilities. I am excited by opportunities to explore new techniques, styles, mediums and fresh colour combinations, all contributing to the development of my own artistic journey.

Telephone: 07956475535