Pilita Bryant


I am passionate about art - making it, seeing it, feeling it! I am intuitive by nature. I feel, sense and react deeply to my surrounding, emotions and situations. I create art from my memories and imagination and like to work intuitively. Often sparks of inspiration come from nature - memories of the dramatic landscapes in Australia, where I spent my childhood, the wild beauty of the rugged coastline of my mother’s homeland of Galicia in northern Spain, or the beautiful places closer to home in Surrey. My art ranges from abstract to abstract realism. I allow my work to evolve, often letting my intuition, emotions, the paint or medium take the lead, exploring new colour combinations, textures and collage, breaking the rules and feeling my way. My aim is create art work that is evocative, allowing space for the viewer to emotionally connect with and find their own interpretation in my art.

Telephone: 07956475535