Sarah Blake

Jewellery Designer & Maker

I am a designer and maker working from my small studio in Epsom, Surrey, producing one off pieces, or small batches, of original jewellery. I originally studied illustration and graphic design before discovering a love for manipulating metal which, along with my love of all things miniature, led me to start making jewellery. I hand-texture and work the silver with various tools, taking inspiration from both natural and urban landscapes. Patterns, collected during my travels, also find their way into my work in the form of etching. I often include semi-precious stones for their beautiful colour but prefer to use freeform shapes which I find more pleasing. I enjoy incorporating a variety of forms, textures and pattern into a single piece. You may notice that I love asymmetry too! Simply put, I aim to create beautiful and wearable sterling silver jewellery that will also give pleasure to the wearer for years to come.

Telephone: 07531244565