Sophie de Taranto (Shutter Jewellery)


I began Shutter Jewellery in 2015. While I live close to London and have been known to wander around the city taking pictures the bustling urban jungle, it’s the real jungle, countryside, rainforests and woodland that really inspire and relax me. This is why Shutter Jewellery has evolved into a celebration of birds, botanicals and butterflies and became little symbols of that escapism. Each jewellery piece contains a scaled down version of one of my own original photographs and I look for striking detail, shape or colour which will be just as bold on a tiny scale. The photographs are used in a number of ways, but my signature pieces use a little pebble of glass over the top which magnifies the detail and looks just like a tiny version of the real thing. Some may have found me before from The Art Shed at Medicine Garden, or my studio on the riverside in Walton on Thames. I now work from my home studio, selling online and through stockists and events throughout the UK. In 2021, I'll be joining a group of artists for open studios, at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre.